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How Extra Income Can Help—and How You Can Get It


There is a small percentage of people in the world who would not agree that having extra income would make their lives easier. Extra income is actually a lot more important than people think it is. It goes beyond simply wanting more in life. Extra income can significantly decrease financial burden and help you to save for the future so that you have money to actually invest rather than spend from paycheck to paycheck. Financial security is not always easy to come by, but it may not be as hard as you once thought.

Disposable Income: What is It and What is It Good For?

Let’s begin by talking about some of the advantages of disposable income, something Oxford Dictionaries refers to as “income remaining after deduction of taxes and other mandatory charges, available to be spent or saved as one wishes.” Simply put, disposable income is the money you have left after all of the bills are paid. Disposable income is the money that can be used for going out to eat, going to the movies, shopping, saving, etc.

You’ve surely heard about how important it is to have money saved and to have some set aside for retirement. What is talked about less is that it’s also important to make sure you have some money left over for fun. If you spend your whole life saving up to enjoy things in the future, time can pass without enjoying the now.

Disposable income is important because it allows people to fully enjoy their lives. Having a little extra money after the necessities are taken care of can allow people to spend money on leisure, experiences, and future expenses when they stop working. It also allows us to generally be less stressed about our financial situations.

With only so many hours to work in the day while still maintaining sanity, many people are left without the means to make their dreams of having more money a reality. Many people believe that the paycheck from a job is the only way to earn a living, but there are many “side jobs” and also small tips and tricks that anyone can use to supplement their regular income.

Three Ways to Increase Disposable Income

Use a cashback credit card. Credit cards can be a huge benefit when used responsibly. Cashback credit cards and credit cards that give rewards points can make a significant difference in your finances. When choosing which card is best for you, consider the type of purchases you normally make and weigh the benefits of the different card offers that you are eligible for. You may find that after a few months of spending on your card, you have extra benefits stored up that you would normally miss out on by using cash, debit, or cards without benefits.

Advance your education. Education can be a controversial topic, particularly in today’s day and age when education costs in some countries are skyrocketing and leaving their students in debt and costing them years of paying off student loans. Depending on the situation though, investing in your education can be extremely worthwhile. If a particularly degree or certification will open up doors for you and lead to a higher paying job, then those next steps in the education ladder will most likely pay for themselves in the end.


Despite modern costs of some education, advancing yours can also be easier today than ever before. Thanks to the internet and modern technology, we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. Some of the best educators are self-taught. With enough discipline and determination, research and self-instruction can go a long way to help you obtain the skills and knowledge you need to get to the next level with your current career or a new money-making prospect.

Open an investment account. Even if you’ve never invested before, opening an investment account can be a profitable move for anyone building that account on the right foundation. What distinguishes successful people from those who fail their accounts is that the successful people know what they are doing before they risk their money. Too often will people open an investment account to trade it while learning at the same time. This puts your money at an easily avoidable risk. You probably wouldn’t sign up for a triathlon before learning to swim, run, or ride a bike. Similarly, you should not sign up for an investment account before you know how to invest that money.

Trading your own stocks rather than leaving your account to investors can save you a lot of money and also give you full discretion over your trading. Finding the best, affordable trading education, learning from the best trading educators, and being immersed in an honest community of traders can assure that you get the right foundation of knowledge to start trading your own investment account.

Feel Secure, Be Secure

Financial security is a complex topic. Some people think they’re financially secure because they’re earning a lot, others point to their large savings accounts, and some view financial security strictly in terms of money put away for retirement. However, many fail to see that there is always room to increase one’s financial security. Simply put, when you have an extra source of income, you are much more financially secure.

Increasing financial security can decrease the fear of the “what ifs.” What if you or your significant other got laid off? What if you need more money to pay bills? What if you or a family member or friend has unexpected medical expenses? If life was easily predictable, then having a formula as simple as “amount of money made minus amount of money needed” would be enough to determine what you have left over. Financial security means knowing for certain that there is enough, despite the uncertainties life brings.


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