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Make Your Hotel Lobby Fun and Exciting and Attract More Guests

Make Your Hotel Lobby Fun and Exciting and Attract More Guests

If you’ve done any traveling around the united states, one thing you know is that hotels and motels are drab and boring everywhere you go. They’re all the same, and one wonders if they are all operated by the same giant parent company or if really there are so many individual people running motels and hotels that have the same level of non-creativity. This is an orchard ripe for exploiting: in this day and age where people can spread the word via the internet and rating apps like Yelp, you have the opportunity to do something with your motel lobby that will really bring in the guests. Even just a few fun things could turn a drab bummer of a lobby into a place that will attract any passer-by interstate traveler. Try some of these fun ideas.

1. Prizes for the Guests


When we check in at the lobby desk, we’re so used to just having a canned conversation with the woman or man behind the counter, getting our plastic credit card key, and trundling off to our room. Boring, and not memorable. Were we in a Super 8, a Motel 6, an America’s Best Value Inn? Who knows? But what about offering fun prizes to your guests. You can have a spinning prize wheel that you can actually get for pretty cheap from and have each section of the wheel have a different prize. Something like Free Wi-Fi, a free movie in the room, even simple things like a bag of microwave popcorn or a $5 coupon for the vending machine. It won’t cost you a lot, and will be something worth Yelping about!

2. Snacks and Food and Drinks


Sure, we can come down at 6am for the soft and cold scrambled eggs and stale donuts, but why not have some snacks that the guests can enjoy no matter what time they arrive. Many are coming off many hours in the car and are so tired and hungry that they’ve had to skip eating just to get to the motel and falling asleep. What if you had some food for them. An apple can win a fan for a life time. Or even some McDonald’s burgers just ready for the taking. A cold burger is better than going to sleep hungry, and your guests will be excited for the care and thought you’ve provided for them.

3. Movie Nights


Why not show a movie in the lobby every night, or on certain nights that you choose. Not only will it get the guests out of their room and socializing – if the want – but when a guest comes in to check in, they’ll notice the festive atmosphere. No one will be forced to take part, but it will be a nice option. I know that when I’m traveling alone, I’m more often than not happy to just kick back in the room and watch whatever’s on the tube. But sometimes I feel like being social for the sake of being social, and there’s no opportunity for that. A movie showing in the lobby could be just the thing for those who want to be around others but don’t want to head to the disappointing downtown area of whatever town your motel is in.

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