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3 unique ways to publicise your brand

No matter what industry you’re in or the size of your organisation, I think it’s safe to say you’ll want to be head and shoulders above your competitors and be seen as the leader within your sector. The way you publicise your brand is key to achieving this, so it’s always a good idea to… Continue Reading

Debunking 5 Common Auto Insurance Myths

There is a lot riding on your vehicle. You have invested thousands of dollars on a new or used car and, more importantly, you are transporting your friends and family around in it. Taking these things into account along with the consideration that you could be held accountable for the lives and property of others… Continue Reading

Simplifying Car Insurance Applications

If your job requires you to commute in and out of the city, you understand how life on the road is stressful and even overwhelming at times.  Stress often leads to distractions, which can in some cases lead to accidents and injuries.  Although one’s personal chances of getting into an accident are generally low, the… Continue Reading

Discovering the delights of Oman!

There’s lots to see and do in Oman – and plenty of opportunities if you want to live and work there, too. In terms of an expat location, however, it doesn’t exactly trip off of the tongue during conversations, at least not in the way near-neighbour Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) tends to… Continue Reading

What Type of Home Loan Is Right for You?

When you decide to buy a home, you not only need to decide where you would like to live and what style home you would like, but you also need to determine how much home you can afford. Another important question is what type of home loan you would like. There are several common home… Continue Reading

Worst US States to Buy Car Insurance

No one wants to pay more for auto insurance than is absolutely necessary. Most people know that a person’s age and driving record have a huge impact on car insurance rates. What many people may not realize is that the state they live in can also affect their rates. I used to work for a… Continue Reading

Heuristics in investing

Heuristics in investing

I think a very powerful idea in investing is the use of heuristics: By using certain heuristics you can completely wipe out entire categories of errors. As an example, let’s say “technical analysis” works in some instances. If we act as if technical analysis doesn’t work at all, our overall results will be better over… Continue Reading

Countries that have lost AAA rating from S & P

Countries that have lost AAA rating from S & P

Lets try and learn from History. If rating downgrades don’t augur immediate crises, they tend to indicate trouble on the horizon. Of the 10 other countries that have been downgraded from AAA, eight experienced further downgrades and five have still never recovered their AAA rating. Deeper downgrades have been associated with interest rate spikes, and… Continue Reading

16 ways to find undervalued stocks

16 ways to find undervalued stocks

Introduction: You Got to Know How to Look  Where to look for underpriced stocks? In the information age the question seems overwhelming. Do I run a stock screen, open the Wall Street Journal, or log on to Stocktwits? The better question to be asking might not be where to look but how to look. The… Continue Reading