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Worst US States to Buy Car Insurance

No one wants to pay more for auto insurance than is absolutely necessary. Most people know that a person’s age and driving record have a huge impact on car insurance rates. What many people may not realize is that the state they live in can also affect their rates.

I used to work for a large car insurance company and can tell you that there are many regulations and the rules for each state is different. The following are some of the worst states for purchasing car insurance.


Michigan guarantees drivers unlimited personal injury protection, which drives up the cost of car insurance. Auto insurance quotes are some of the priciest in the nation. The average annual premium is over $2500 a year.


The way the legal system operates in Louisiana is a big reason why vehicle insurance is so high. There is a high level of lawsuits being filed in the state, with many people hiring attorneys for personal injury cases. Many lawsuits are heard by judges instead of going before juries. Judges are often known to side with the average guy when it comes to awarding car accident claims.


Car coverage in Oklahoma has increased because of recent extreme weather. The state has suffered from a rash of storms in recent years, with one dropping hail the size of softballs on Oklahoma City.


There are a variety of reasons why Kentucky has expensive car insurance. One reason is that Kentucky has a high rate of uninsured drivers, which increases the cost of insurance for everyone.

West Virginia

Car insurance is unusually expensive in West Virginia. There is more traffic than one might imagine in this predominantly rural state. With several interstates and highways that connect the state to the rest of the country, there is a relatively high volume of traffic, and, unfortunately, a high level of automobile accidents. This most likely contributes to high auto insurance rates.

Washington, D.C.

I lived in D.C. for two years, and I’m glad I was taking the metro every day instead of driving a car to work. Heavy traffic around the capital is one reason why vehicle insurance is so high. Another reason is because D.C. currently has one of the highest accident rates in the United States.

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